N12 Projects (Pty) Ltd is a Johannesburg, South Africa, based company which has specialized in the bulk materials handling industry for the last 20 years. We have recently entered into an agreement with Kopex Group to undertake all marketing in sub-Saharan Africa of the Kopex Group bulk materials handling machines. The Kopex product range includes stackers, bucket wheel reclaimers, stacker-reclaimers, bucket wheel excavators and spreaders.

The representation agreement allows N12 Projects to support and manage the Kopex Group range of bulk materials handling machines. Access to the Kopex Group range of bulk materials handling machines and expertise, is an ideal compliment to the existing N12 Projects activities.

N12 Projects has a proven track record in the design, manufacture, erection/installation and commissioning of overland conveyors, stockyard systems, plant conveyors, incline shaft conveyors and underground trunk and section conveyors etc.

In addition we design and supply primary tip deluge dust control systems and conveyor transfer dust suppression systems for the conditions found throughout Africa.

Our personnel have also had considerable experience in all aspects of the design, manufacture and erection of bulk materials stockyard machines, including stacker-reclaimers, stackers, reclaimers, spreaders, ship loaders and train tipplers